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10020, Table-top training system. It is very useful to study & understand the principle & working of various antennas and to polar plots by teachers and students. The antennas are designed for use at higher frequencies making them handy and smaller in size for ease of use and better understanding of the subject. RF generator, Tone generator Directional coupler, Matching stub, Forward/Reverse meter, Goniometer & various antennas are provided for experimentation. Necessary DC regulated power supplies are built-in. Functional blocks are indicated on the mimic panel. The trainer includes set of modular mechanical elements forming various antennas, a transmitter unit & a detector unit.


  • RF Generator
    • Provides RF generated output of approx.750 MHZ
    • Provision for output adjustments provided.
  • Tone Generator
    • Provides Tone generated output of approx.1 KHz
    • Provision for output adjustments provided.
  • Direction Coupler
    • Forward And Reverse Direction Coupler
    • Provision for selection provided.
  • Antenna
    • Antenna rotation of 0-360°
    • Antenna Resolution is of 1°
    • Receiving Antenna is Folded dipole type with reflector and Digital meter
    • Twenty One different types of Antennas are: *Dipole /2.
      • Dipole /4.
      • Folded Dipole /2.
      • Yagi UDA Folded Dipole (3E).
      • Yagi UDA Folded Dipole (5 E).
      • Yagi UDA Simple Dipole (5 E).
      • Yagi UDA Dipole (7 E).
      • Horizontal End Fed HertzAntenna *Horizontal End Fed Zeppelin Antenna
      • Ground Plane Antenna.
      • Ground Plane with Reflector & DirectorAnt. */2 SlotAntenna.
      • LoopAntenna.
      • HelixAntenna.
      • /2 Phase ArrayAntenna.
      • /4 Phase ArrayAntenna.
      • Combined CollinearArrayAntenna.
      • Log PeriodicAntenna.
      • RhombusAntenna.
      • Cut Paraboloid ReflectorAntenna.
      • Circular Loop antenna.
  • Features
    • Slider Type Matching Stub provided
    • Digital meter is provided for Forward & Reverse Indication.
    • Goniometer is provided on main panel
  • Interconnections
    • Interconnections are made using 2mm banana Patch cords.
    • BNC — Tee, BNC - BNC adapter and BNC -BNC Cable are provided
  • Power Supply of 230V + 10% VAC, 50 Hertz, Single phase
  • Set of 2mm Patch cords for interconnections
  • Polar Graph Paper provided
  • Current Probe, Mounting stands are provided.
  • User's Manual with experiments


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