Turtle Robot STEM/Support IOS & Android APP Control

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  • Turtle Robot  STEM/Support IOS & Android APP Control
  • Turtle Robot  STEM/Support IOS & Android APP Control
  • Turtle Robot  STEM/Support IOS & Android APP Control


People often match a control board, motor drive shield, DC motors, several sensor modules and a bunch of jumper wires to build own robot car. Have you feel very troublesome to connect a bunch of jumper wires? 

Here comes keyestudio smart little turtle robot V3 upgraded version.

This new turtle robot simplify the wiring complication, avoiding wrong connection and saving your time.

Compared with the old turtle robot version, the upgraded turtle robot still retains the functions like line tracking, obstacle avoidance, IR and Bluetooth control.

Furthermore, you can see terrific improvements as follows:

1) The connectors on the motor drive shield have anti-reverse protection, simple to connect with only one cable.

2) The motor drive shield comes with a slide switch for power control, and also adds 8 jumper caps to control the DC motor direction, easy for code debugging.

3) Adding a 8*8 dot matrix module to show the robot’s running status.

4) Using Bluetooth HM-10 module; can support Bluetooth 4.0; Bluetooth APP supporting both Android and iOS system.

5) Can freely connect the battery case 18650 or 4-cell AA battery case to supply power for the robot car. Note that batteries are Not Included. Users can freely choose two 18650 batteries or four AA batteries (1.5V) to supply power for the robot car.

6) Clear silk-screen for motor A and B on the PCB plate or you can check it out on the Acrylic plate and motor drive shield. Protect motors from avoid wrong connection;

7) Coding the robot car with Mixly blocks software, simple to code and ready to play.

From the basics up to complex projects, through this kit you can learn to control the robot car with Mixly block coding.

It allows you to quickly learn graphic programming in entertaining, nurturing your interest in science and logical thinking.

Take your brain on a fun and inspiring journey through the world of programming and electronics.


1) Motor’s voltage range: 1-6V; motor shaft length: 10mm; speed: 6.0V 100rpm/min.

2) Motor control is driven by L298P.

3) Three groups of line tracking modules, to detect black-white line with higher accuracy and can also be used for anti-fall control.

4) Ultrasonic module is used to detect whether there is obstacles or not.

5) Bluetooth wireless module can be paired with Bluetooth device on mobile phone to remotely control the turtle robot.

6) Infrared receiver module matches with an infrared remote control to control the turtle robot.

7) Add a 8*8 dot matrix module, showing the robot states.

8) Can access to the external voltage 6~12V 

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