LCD 20X4 (2004) Yellow Serial Backlight with IIC

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  • LCD 20X4 (2004) Yellow Serial Backlight with IIC
  • LCD 20X4 (2004) Yellow Serial Backlight with IIC


2004 LCD display module is a 4 line 20 character LCD module not only set the contrast control knob selector switch also has a backlight and IIC communication interface. For Arduino beginners, not for the cumbersome and complex LCD driver circuit connection and a headache, the real significance of this LCD module will simplify the circuit, this module directly into the Arduino Sensor Shield V5.0 sensor expansion board, GM 4P sensor connection cable, programmed through the Arduino controller, you can easily identify the slogan, sensor data records. 

IIC/I2C interface was developed to reduce the IO port usage on Arduino board.
* Old 1602 screen requires 7 IO ports but this module uses only two.
* Much needed control panel IO ports can be used to add some sensors, SD card and so on.
* A New High-Quality 4 Line 20 Character Lcd Module.
* Potentiometer can be adjusted to control the contrast.
* Back light can be turned off by removing the jumper on the back panel.

* Interface: I2C
* I2C Address: 0x27
* Pin Definition : GND、VCC、SDA、SCL
* Back lit (Yellow with Black char color)
* Supply voltage: 5V
* Size : 60mm×99mm
* Contrast Adjust : Potentiometer
* Backlight Adjust : Jumper

Package Included:
1 x IIC/I2C/TWI 2004 20X4 Serial Yellow Green Backlight LCD Display Module

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