Multi coin acceptor/selector

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  • Multi coin acceptor/selector
  • Multi coin acceptor/selector
  • Multi coin acceptor/selector





multi coin acceptor

Identity accuracy rate


Identity speed

0.6 second
Power source DC+12V±10%
working current


Moment maximum current 350ma(less than 0.5S)
Net weight               g
Operating temperature -10~60
Storing temperature -20-85
Operating humidity ≤95%
Barometric pressure 85Kpa~106Kpa
Applying coin diameter 19mm~28mm
Applying coin thickness 1.4mm~2.4mm
canning material PC plastic

Multi coin acceptor/selector  accept 6 different COINS for vending machine  

procedure for altering the numerical value of the interior:                             

Pressing the ac-curating key(10) and broaden key (11) on the display panel at the same time for about 2 seconds, you will see the letter A on the display panel,( When the file A/B turn to A) and at this time you can set up the numerical value of the interior.
1.Pressing the setting key(8),and then you will see the letter E,(choosing several currency system),after that you can press the accurating key or broaden key to increase or decrease the numerical value.After setting up, please press the setting key to confirm.
2.Appearing the letter H(the quantity of sampling  for various currency value)
3.Appearing the letter P(the numerical value for signal output lf various currency value)
4.Appearing the letter F(the precision of various currency value)
5.By parity of reasoning,setting is finished with your chosen currency.When the letter E is shown,please turn off the power and it will reopen again.

P.S.       E: Choosing several currency value.(1-6)

             H: Quantity of sampling for various currenc value.(1-20pieces)

             P: The numberial value for signal output of various currency value.(1-20)

             F: The precision of various currency value.(1-20,the smaller the number is,the more accurate the precision is,(Suggesting number is 8)

Setting key :SET   Confirming key

Accuracy: Numerical value"+"                    A--------B  Can be set two at the same time

Broaden: Numberial value-'                          The currency value of different countries

Methods for setting coin samples:                                                                

1.  Pressing the setting key ,the letter A is shown. Then press the setting key again,the ldtter A1 is show,and the first LED light is always on, so at this moment, inputting 20 first sample coins by constant velocit.(When the setting numberial value of H1 is 20)
2. After inputting the coins, LED lights will flicker. When the letter A2 is shown and the first two LED lights are on. please inputting 20 second sample coins by constant velocit.(When the setting numberial value of H2 is 20)
3. After inputting the coins, LED lights will flicker. When the letter A3 is  shown and the first three LED lights are on. please inputting 20 third sample coins by constant velocit.(When the setting numberial value of H3 is 20),By parity of reasoning,please finish the setting.After finishing setting all the needed numberial value coins,all the LED lights will flicker several times, it can be used normally.

Product features:                                                                               

Name Functions
1.  2 section switch It can be set with different coins of two countries or regions.(A or B)
2.  4 pin socket

-------     DC12V

-------       COIN

-------          GNO

-------        COUNTRE

3.  2 section switch NO(always on),NC(always off)
4.  3 section switch Signal width:

20ms (fast),50ms (medium),100ms (slow)

5.  2 pin socket

 Signal of forbidden energy inputting. Up PIN means signal inputting, voltage is more than 4V means OK.0V means forbidden, Down PIN means ground wire.

6.  2 pin socket

 Electromagnetism gate DC12V

7.  LED light  Matching up the instruction lf the light 8
8.  inching button  Setting key SET
9.  Changing 8 Nixie tube  Showing display status
10.inching button  Status shows the numberial value"+"
11.  inching button  Status shows the numberial value"-"
12.  slit  
13. Coins returning Key  
14. Coins returning mouth  
15. electromagnetism gate  Eliminating false coins
16. Cheat-defending function  Defending speculation
17. RS232 communication port  By connecting 232 transfer slab externally,it cam output 232 level imformations (select and use)
18. paralleling outlet  Signal paralleling outlet (select and use)


Our coin acceptor widely used in coin kiosk, car washing machine, TV, massage chair, cloth dryer, cyber coffee, Laundromat, laundry,computer ,amusement machine , arcade machine etc .


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