Network Analyzer 10KHz-1.5GHz HF VHF UHF

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  • Network Analyzer 10KHz-1.5GHz HF VHF UHF
  • Network Analyzer 10KHz-1.5GHz HF VHF UHF


This is a DIY product with vector network measurement function. It includes a 3.95-inch touching screen, TX/RX measurement, can determine the complete S11 and S21 parameters, if you need to get S12 and S22, you need to manually replace the transceiver port wiring.

The PC control software can export Touchstone (snp) files, which can be used for various radio design and simulation software.
The improved frequency algorithm can use the odd harmonic extension of si5351 to support the measurement frequency up to 1.5GHz.
The metal shield is designed to reduce the external interference and improve the measurement accuracy.
The 50k-300MHz frequency range of the si5351 direct output provides better than 70dB dynamic.
The extended 300M-900MHz band provides better than 60dB of dynamics, and the 0.9G-1.5GHz band is better than 40dB of dynamics.
Small and portable, easy to use, this project aims to provide an RF gadget but useful instrument for enthusiast.
With a touching screen pick, you can easily perform a variety of operations.
Support for connecting mobile phones using Type C-Type C data cable (included).
Built-in rechargeable lithium battery for easier use.
The screen supports DC dimming, which can be seen more clearly outdoors and more comfortable indoors.
Stm32f303cct6 is used, uart1 interface is reserved, and the customer can execute DIY.

Material: metal
Color: black
Measurement frequency: 10KHz~1.5GHz
RF output: 0dbm (±2dbm)
Measurement range: 70dB (50KHz-300MHz), 60dB (300M-900MHz), 40dB (0.9G-1.5GHz)
There may be errors caused by nonlinear transformation of fundamental wave when using harmonic measurement.
Port SWR: <1.1
Display: 3.95 inch TFT (320*480)
USB interface: USB type-C
Communication mode: CDC (serial)
Power: USB 5V 200mA
Battery: 1 * lithium battery, 1950mAh (included)
Maximum charging current: 1A
Number of scanning points: 101 (fixed)
Display tracking: 4, Marking: 4, Setting save: 5
Frequency tolerance: <2.5ppm
Frequency stability: <0.5ppm
ABS casing size: 133 * 75 * 18mm / 5.2 * 3.0 * 0.7in (excluding protrusions)
Package size: 240 * 140 * 30mm / 9.4 * 5.5 * 1.2in
Package weight: 364.4g / 12.9ounce

Packing List:
1 * NanoVNA Host
1 * USB Type-C Data Cable
2 * 150mm SMA Male to Male RG316 RF Cable
1 * SMA Male Calibration Kit-Open
1 * SMA Male Calibration Kit-Short
1 * SMA Male Calibration Kit-Load
1 * SMA Female to Female Connector
1 * Type-C to Type-C Cable

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