HTMC-7 220V Automatic Egg Incubator Controller

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  • HTMC-7 220V Automatic Egg Incubator Controller
  • HTMC-7 220V Automatic Egg Incubator Controller
  • HTMC-7 220V Automatic Egg Incubator Controller


Product description
1 Mini DIY incubator accessories
2 Exhaust fan is used evenly for a long time, quiet incubation
3 PTC incubator heating sheet, automatic constant temperature, energy saving
4 Humidity probe: humidity sensor imported digital, long-term product performance and stable performance.
5 Designed for hatching DIY handmade incubator experience
Name: Mini DIY incubator accessories
Model: HTMC-5
Panel size: about 33.2 * 3 * 10.2cm / 13.07 * 1.18 * 4.02in
Rated power: 80W
Rated voltage: 220V
Egg turning frequency: 2H / hour
Temperature control range: 37 ° C ~ 39 ° C
Scope of application: 48, 56, 96, 112
Package size: about 34.8 * 7 * 14cm / 13.70 * 2.76 * 5.51in
Setting parameters temperature and humidity
1. Test: After connecting the components as shown in the figure, turn on the power, you will hear the alarm sound caused by temperature and humidity, and manually cancel the alarm.
2 Set the temperature and humidity, change the number of hatching days: Press the Set button, press "+/-" to select the desired temperature, set the humidity and hatching days in the same operation (repeat twice ) and finally hit the settings to exit the settings. (Note: The factory setting is 37.8 ° C, you can set 37.6 ° C according to the above method. After setting the hatching days, the machine reboots.)
3.Low or high temperature alarm parameter setting: Press the setting button for 3 seconds, press "+/-", the screen will display "AL", then press the setting button, press "+/-" to select the low temperature parameter. Press the setting button for 3 seconds, the display shows "AH", and the high temperature alarm parameter is set as above.
4. Humidity alarm parameter setting: humidity parameter is set to 45% when done and does not need reset. (If you need to set it according to the temperature parameter setting mode, the display shows "AS").
5. Temperature sensor report calibration: Normal temperature report is set to 0 ° C. If not correct, it can be set. The method is the same as above, and the display shows "CA".)
6. To set upper or lower limit temperature: if the HS (upper limit set) is set to 38.2 and LS (lower limit set ) is 37.4, the original temperature can only be changed from 38.2 to 37.4, and the lower limit should be 37.2.
7. Heating Element Configuration: HU and HD parameters are factory set and no reset is required. 

Packing list:
1 * electric fan
1 * heated blade
1 * charging wire
1 * panel
1 * humidity probe
1 * temperature probe
1 * interface motor
1 * egg motor
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