XH-W3005 Digital Humidity Controller

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  • High quality digital humidity controller, durable in use.
  • Simple panel: up and down two buttons, easy to set and operate.
  • High measurement accuracy 0.1%, easy to read data.
  • Wide measuring range of humidity 00%~99%RH , and wide application fields.
  • Multi-voltage selection: 12V/24V/220V are optional, you can choose voltage according to the purpose.

Model: XH-W3005
Weight: 68g/2.4oz
Input Voltage: 12V, 24V, 220V (Optional)
Humidity Range: 00%~99%RH
Humidity Control Accuracy: 0.1% RH
Load Power: 120W / 240W / 1500W
Output Type: direct output
Mounting Hole Space: 73mm/2.9inch
Size: 60*45*31mm/2.4*1.8*1.2inch

Operation instructions:
Thermostat connected to the circuit, connected to the power supply, digital tube shows the current humidity setting starting temperature.
Press the "up" button to display the startup temperature, long press the "up" button for about 3 seconds, and the startup humidity number flashes, which can be set through the up and down keys.

Set stop humidity:
Press the "down" button to display the stop humidity, and long press the "down" button for about 3 seconds to stop the humidity digital flashing, which can be set through the up and down keys

Restore factory Settings:
Under the power on state, press and hold the up and down keys at the same time, the digital tube will display 888 and then automatically jump to the value of humidity detection, that is, to restore the factory settings.

Package List:
1 x Digital Humidity Controller


W3005 is a direct output, so please do not power on if the output end is not connected properly or not connected, in case that the two-stage contact spark and careless touch of the wire cause unnecessary trouble.

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