XH-M452 Digital Temp & Humidity Controller

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  1.  Model: XH-M452
  2. Style: Exposed PCB
  3. Display Type: Digital
  4. Power Supply: DC 12V
  5. Temperature Measurement Range: -40~120℃
  6. Humidity Range:0~100%RH
  7. Control Precision:0.1℃ 0.1%RH
  8. Test Probe:Integrated Sensor
  9. Test Probe Cable Length: ~90cm
  10. Output: 10A delay
  1. Indoor Room Temperature and Humidity Control
  2. Humidity and Temperature controller for Controlled Temperature sheds
  3. Food and Beverage temperature and Humidity controller
  4. Temperature and Humidity controller for Health Care applications
  5. Temperature and Humidity controller for Incubators


Temperature Control:

  1.  Set the temperature + :Normal display mode, long press the + key for 3 seconds, start temperature numerical flashing, press the + / – key setting values, wrong operation after 5 seconds, automatically return to detect temperature display
  2. Set the temperature – :Normal display mode, long press – button for 3 seconds, stop numerical flashing temperature, press the + / – key set value
  3. Restore the factory Settings :At the same time long press temperature, and humidity + key for 3 seconds, digital display, 888, 888
  4. Set the start temperature:Long press the + key, start the flashing temperature, set start temperature by + / – key
  5. Set Stop temperature: long press – button, stop flashing temperature, set stop temperature by + / – key

Humidity Control:

  1. Set to start humidity: long press the + key, start the humidity value flashing, set by + / – key launch humidity value
  2. Set stop humidity: long press – to stop humidity value, set by + / – key to stop the humidity value
  3. Fault code: display LLL mean the sensor fault
  4. Display HHH mean Test temperature exceed the range of measurement

Shipping List:

  •  1 X XH-M452 Thermostat Controller
  • 1 X Temperature Sensor Probe
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1 Review

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    XH-M452 Digital Temp & Humidity Controller

    Posted by Nathan Too on 11th Oct 2020

    Best company. Quality product. On-time delivery. Bought it and it's working fine

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