WIFI/Bluetooth Temp&Humidity Soil Moisture Sensor

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  • WIFI/Bluetooth Temp&Humidity Soil Moisture Sensor
  • WIFI/Bluetooth Temp&Humidity Soil Moisture Sensor



The ESP32 is a powerful processor but when paired up with other sensors and modules. It becomes the Go-To device for IoT Monitoring with the example of this guy.
The HiGrow/LillyGrow module is a device designed for small soil moisture monitoring projects based on the Wemos ESP32 devices.

The HiGrow project seems to be discontinued but it doesn't stop the manufacture of boards. These boards are still available to purchase however, the support and codebase for them is a little limited.
With the above in mind, it's safe to say this module is not designed for beginners and would be much more attractive to those quite well versed in electronics and programming.
You can find the GitHub for the latest codebase and instructions in the Github link below.

Please note use this module with care when working with water and electronics. These boards are not coated in any solution that makes them resistant to moisture (besides the actual moisture sensor).
We recommend putting the top half this sensor in a sealed enclosure.


1.Bluetooth wifi development board, support for Nodumcu / for Arduino
2.DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor
3.CP2104 communication chip USB TO TTL
4.Micro USB port
5. Soil probe (long) soil temperature and humidity detection module
6.18650 Lithium Battery Holder Powered

Package include:
1 x ESP32 DHT11 CP2104 WIFI Bluetooth Temperature Humidity Soil Moisture Sensor Detection Module 18650 Battery Shield for Arduino 
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