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This machine is a unique blend of software and hardware. It’s a mobile platform that user can control through his computer with a proper feedback through wired webcam. The GUI is made through MATLAB software which gives an opportunity to user to understand basic MATLAB and its toolboxes. It also helps to understand serial interfacing of devices through MATLAB. This project can be extended by user for developing applications such as Football playing robot etc..

Package Include:
1. Microcontroller NXP 89V51RD2
2. Pack of Necessary IC and Electronics components:1 set
3. Aluminum Parts:1 set
4. Plastic Wheels:2
5. 100 or 60 rpm,12VDC,Geared Motor:2
6. Robot Controller PCB:1
7. Pack of Nuts and Bolts:1
8. Instruction Manual in CD:1
9. Power Supply components
10. Webcam
11. Serial Cable

  • Based on 8051 development board for modularity
  • On- board serial programmer
  • On board 16x2 LCD display
  • Motor driving ports capable of driving 4 motors
  • Wireless control supported (optional, Not included)
  • MATLAB basics and code explained in detail
  • On-Machine camera

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