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49502A new 6 axis industrial robotic arm trainer is specially designed for educational institutions and training centers to modernize their labs This machine closely resembles an industrial robotic arm and its control mechanism It’s a great learning tool for both electronics and mechanical engineering students as well as industrial trainee engineers It comes with most advance control equipment governed by 8 bit RISC microcontroller It can also be interfaced by external microcontroller ranging from 8 bits to 32 bit ARM controller as well as PLC It also follows users instruction from PC running a very simple to use software through USB port


Axis are fitted with DC servo motors,stepper motors and 10 bit optical encoder for higher precision
Full machine control by computer software in online mode
Easy instruction programming editor for Programmable tasks
Optional interfacing with PLC
User can develop own applications MATLAB, LABVIEW, Flowstone

Technical Specifications

No. of Axes  : 6
Link 1 : 298 mm
Link 2 : 385 mm
Vertical Height : 548 mm
Joint Actuator : Servo Motors / stepper
Payload : 1 Kg
Axis 1 (Waist) : 290 Deg
Axis 2 (Shoulder) : 40 Deg
Axis 3 ( Elbow) : 60 Deg
Axis 4 (Roll) : 284 Deg
Axis 5 ( Pitch) : 180 Deg
Axis 6 ( Roll) : 350 Deg
Embedded : PID Controller
Path Type : Point to Point
Encoder Output : 10 Bit incremental
Repeatability :  /- 2mm
Weight (Approx) : 35Kgs
Field of Application : Pick
And Place  : Yes
Palletizing : Yes
Machine Loading  : Yes
Assembly : Yes
Step Programmer
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